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Open mic

open-mic23.jpg open-mic20.jpg open-mic24.jpg open-mic22.jpg open-mic21.jpg open-mic25.jpg open-mic26.jpg open-mic27.jpg open-mic28.jpg open-mic29.jpg open-mic33.jpg open-mic34.jpg open-mic35.jpg open-mic36.jpg open-mic37.jpg open-mic39.jpg open-mic40.jpg open-mic43.jpg open-mic44.jpg
open-mic30.jpg open-mic31.jpg open-mic32.jpg open-mic38.jpg open-mic41.jpg open-mic42.jpg

Photos from the first open mic of 2005, including ourselves this time, 'the MacDonald family', Employee of the Month, and 'Peter and friends'. Facial expresssions are definately a feature in this bunch of photos!