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Dates for 2005 added


The first at The Bridge in Gala, and the second a rock double header with ourselves and Rock Goblet at The Eastgate, Peebles. Get them in the diary now!

Festive snow & next open mic


Couldn't resist adding some XMas cheese to the site for the festive season, in case you missed it click here. On a more serious note, we are lining up some new tunes for the next open mic night in Peebles. A reminder this is on Wednesday 29th December. Hope to see you there.

Complexx issues


We had a stormin' Saturday night at The Complexx, Leith! After some initial issues with an unfamiliar PA and quite a small stage (must remember not to buy more drums :-)), we followed Sam's band 'Flat Out' as the main act at about 11.45pm. We played our usual first set but opening with Can't Get Enough and a slightly shorter second set finishing with Smoke On The Water. Pics courtesy of Rab should appear here soon. Thanks to all those involved, especially our (becoming resident) techs Euan & Rab.

Halloween at The Complexx, Leith


We will be playing at The Complexx, Sat 30th October, 9pm, check our upcoming gigs page and here for more info. A thanks to those who helped at the Rugby Club this past Saturday. We had an excellent night playing our usual 2 sets with the inclusion of 5 new tracks. We needed Rab and his camera to get a pic of Barney wiping sweat off his face mid-song with a pair of some birds manky pants!

Open mic pics


Thanks once again to Rab, we have a few pics from the latest Open mic. I should point out Rab is saving for a digital SLR camera with a big ass flash so he can capture our mugs even better! A quick thanks to my old man for sorting our new banner and our very own Strange Brew business cards.

A pretty busy weekend....


We introduced a couple of new songs, including 'The Boys Are Back In Town', over the two nights. A bit of drunken dancing action by a dodgy looking Mexican dude at The Bridge saw a mic stand get knocked into Chris's guitar mid-way through 'Black Magic Woman'. Unfortunately the guy got kicked out before we could set Barnet on him! Saturday's Open mic night was also eventful as we had to dismantle and repair (replace fuse) Col's amp after some clever sole unplugged it when it was switched on! We seem to be getting into the habit of being able to sort gear on-the-fly in the nick of time. Hopefully we'll have some photos courtesy of Rab soon. Almost forgot to mention the debut of our new banner!

Gigs added


Some additional dates have been added to our upcoming gigs page, including a Halloween Bash. Hope to see plenty folks at The Bridge, Galashiels next Friday night and the Open mic in Peebles on the Saturday evening.

Rock too hot!


We lived up to our publicity in The Peeblesshire News this week, but not quite in the way intended. We played 2 sets including a couple of new songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Unfortunately though one of valves in Chris' Marshall went which blew a fuse, so the collective 'technical expertise' of the band was called on to replace the fuse and continue!

Open mic video & Peeblesshire praise


Check out our videos & audio section for a clip from the most recent open mic. Also posted a nice letter in The Peeblesshire News. We will be in action this Saturday (14th) at Middle Pub in Innerleithen.

Open mic @ The Eastgate


A fun night for all was had. We opened the show with a half dozen rockin' tracks and closed it with a further 40 minute set. In between there was a great selection of diverse acts including Rob Howell, Rock Goblet and many more who's names have slipped my mind for now (ooops). My battles with recording audio & video with my iSight are improving so I hope to have a medley video of the night up hear soon.

Cornet's photos, audio & Saturday's Open mic


Added photos and setlist from the Cornet's party, as well as a snippet of audio recorded from the desk. A reminder that we will be playing at the open mic night in Peebles Eastgate Theatre & Arts Centre this Saturday (17th). Tickets are 3 at the door and action is from 7.30pm. See you there.

Some Deep Purpose at the club


A huge turnout on Saturday night at Peebles Rugby Club, including stag and hen parties, made for an excellent night of rock. In keeping with our traditional reporting gaffs, The Peeblesshire News mentioned we'd be playing some Deep Purpose. Pics and possibly some video to follow.

Pics from The Bridge


Unfortunately no sneaky pics of the strippers! In fact no action shots at all, as we were minus our roving camera-man & sound-tech Rab. Hopefully some video may be possible at the club on Saturday night. See you there 9pm.

The Bridge & the strippers!


We played two sets of 'classics' on Friday night at a busy Bridge, Gala. It would have a been a packed house but for the fact that the pub next door had strippers on for the night. Photos to follow!

Dates for Peebles Rugby Club & Open mic evening


Check out the upcoming gigs page. Dates added for Peebles Rugby Club and the Eastgate Theatre & Arts Centre open mic evening. Also a reminder, we will be playing in Galashiels at The Bridge, Friday 21st May, 9pm.

Photos from Lucie's added


Pictures taken at two warm-up gigs we did in Peebles have been added.

Playing in Selkirk at The Cross Keys, Kelso??!!


Confused? The Southern Reporter were confused between Selkirk and Kelso! Aside from the reporting cock-up we squeezed into the Cross Keys, Selkirk for a very hot evening of rock. Read more and see the pictures.

Upcoming gig at The Bridge, Galashiels


We will be playing the Bridge in Galashiels, Friday 21st May starting 9pm. Check the gigs menu for a full list of past and future gigs, along with set-lists, photos & banter. goes live!


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